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that's why our houses are
sustainable, modern, and unique

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There are two kinds of buildings we specialize in...
Construction typs
Home construction

Building a house is a multifaceted process that starts with a dream.

The comfort and maintenance costs of future real estate largely depend on initial decisions, materials, and technologies chosen at the construction site selection and project design stages.

Using the accumulated experience and knowledge of our specialists will provide you with significant assistance in pursuing your dreams even before the construction project begins.

Modern House Sketch
Traditional Chalet Sketch
Cottage construction

If you are a metropolis resident, tired of the city's bustle, and do not want to lose touch with nature, perhaps a country cottage will be the best option for you.


A house in the forest, on the shore of a lake or a river, will shelter you from everyone, provide relaxation, the opportunity to see the starry sky, which is usually not visible in the city, to hear the birds singing and fully feel like a part of nature. Sauna, fishing, picking mushrooms and berries will be pleasant bonuses.​


Our experience allows us to realize these dreams too!

About us

VL Pro Oy is a construction company created by a team of industrial and civil construction professionals who have experience in the successful execution of construction projects in different countries. We specialize in constructing private and suburban real estate, maintenance and major repairs, renovation, and modernization of existing real estate in Finland. Our company also provides services in the field of real estate maintenance. 

In the course of work, we strive to use the latest construction technologies and modern materials. At the same time, classic technologies and materials that have stood the test of time also take their well-deserved place in our arsenal.

VL Pro so far...

4 600+

square meters built for residential projects


different projects completed


years in business


industrial and commercial projects

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