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​Our company’s
core expertise

is building private residential and leisure homes. It could be a single-family house, a multi-family house, a cottage, or a chalet. Most of our previous projects are located around Helsinki City Region or South Karelia. But we operate throughout the country and will help you find your dream location in Finland. 

Timber Frame under Construction

Construction services

Our company is ready to undertake the complete work cycle, starting with the project's development and obtaining the necessary building permits and ending with the technical maintenance of the completed project.

Con. services
3D Render of a Modern House with Pool
Turn-key or built to order new construction

We strive to make the complicated process of construction simple for our clients. Therefore, it is easy for you to be as involved with it as possible. For example, you can leave landscaping and interior design entirely up to us, or we can do it together precisely according to your wishes.

Simple Sketch of a House
Comprehensive and careful planning

Every project starts with a draft. It may be on a napkin or in your imagination. Then comes geological survey for the plot, architectural drawings, structural engineering, HVAC design, and landscape design. If you provide the draft, we’ll take care of the rest.

Project management
Timetable for Project Management
Experienced project management

Whether you need site supervision, labor tendering, material tendering, budgeting, scheduling, or official inspections, we know it all. We are always happy to let the client take care of the creative process while taking care of the realization.

Detailed Model of a Loghouse
Obtaining necessary permissions

You will need specific permits before construction starts, like a building permit. The project must meet size and design requirements. If the plot does not allow some of your wishes, it is possible to apply for an exception permit. With our knowledge, you will most definitely succeed.

Landscape Design Sheets
Elegant and functional 

Landscaping is more than just planting a lawn and some trees. Different sites have different needs: some require blasting, and some require only land leveling. It is also essential to create functional paths for driving and walking with proper lightning and plan rainwater harvesting.

Additional services

Additional services

Renovation of existing real estate

Be it just a new layer of paint or renewal of all technical equipment – we are ready to help. Both big and small renovation projects are familiar to us, and we know how to do it the right way so that an authorized building inspector would approve the job.

Renewing Wall Paint
Snow Plow Cleaning Snow
Upkeep after construction

Every property requires maintenance throughout the year: lawn mowing, snow plowing, HVAC support, and minor repairs. We are always happy to help our customers with these matters when they cannot do it themselves.

Custom works
Custom works to fulfil your needs

Our previous clients have had a wide range of wishes for their dream homes, and we have fulfilled them all. Some of our most exciting projects have included a Turkish steam sauna, a yacht dock, a beach, own bridge, a wine cellar, a gym, and even a helicopter pad. Your dream is in good hands with us.

Unique Wine Cellar
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